Meeting details

AA in Samoa (Apia)

Fridays, 7 pm Directions to the Friday evening, 7 P.M. meeting in Apia.

  1. From the Clock Tower rotary on Beach Road, go one block South,
  2. Turn left (east) at the first 4-corner intersection (where McDonald’s is) go another block and a bit past a 3-corner on the left, and then past a 3-corner on the right),
  3. Pull in the driveway just to the left side of the large green Catholic hall named “TuuTuu i le lolota”
  4. The third office door down that side of the hall has a blue circled sign for “St. Vincent de Paul” charity.  AA meets in their office.
  • Behind the Catholic Church hall is a restaurant locally known as “Pinati’s”.
  • The Catholic cathedral fronts Beach Road. TuuTuu i le lotota hall is across the street from the rear of the cathedral, on Convent Street.
  • Maps have street names, but actual street signs are very rare in Apia.  Call or email for further details.

.Tuesdays, 7 pm (occasional)

  • We often meet on Tuesdays in the same place as above but phone us first to check it’s on.

AA in American Samoa (Pago Pago)

  •  Meetings are being held in Pago Pago twice a week.  The location of the meetings varies, so give Jerry a call on (684) 770-8300 to get the current details or email